Early Learning and Child Care Renfrew County

Early Literacy Specialist

The Early Literacy Specialist (ELS) supports and promotes early literacy and early learning for children 0-6 throughout the County of Renfrew. The ELS provides resources, workshops, seminars and consultations for parents, caregivers, early childhood professionals and full day kindergarten staff.

The Early Literacy Specialist:

  • Visits community partners and programs to offer support, provide resources and develop tailored training workshops for professionals working with families.
  • Provides resource and research materials on early learning and early literacy.
  • Trains professionals and parents on early learning and literacy concepts.
  • Offers on-site program evaluations and recommendations.
  • Work within the Early Learning Framework and Full-day Early Learning Curriculum.
  • Refers families and professionals to community programs.
  • Uses current data to guide training workshops and resources being developed.
  • Link to other community partners such as preschool speech & language, parenting programs, libraries and childcare programs.

What is Early Literacy?

  • The set of skills that children will use to learn to read, write and communicate.
  • Early literacy begins prenatally.
  • It combines a child’s ability to speak, to listen and to experience, with their ability to understand, to create and to talk about the ideas, events and experiences in their world.
  • Early literacy skills evolve in relation to a child’s interaction with their family and community environment.
  • Key components are language play with rhymes, songs, books and make-believe play.

This page will help you find books that are appropriate for your child’s age level and development. According to the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, there are a few basic things you should consider to help you evaluate the quality and suitability of a book for your child.

Early Literacy Information

According to research there are Six Early Literacy Skills children need to get ready to learn to read.

Early Literacy Kits

In an effort to help support professionals working with children 0-6 years of age in promoting Early Literacy, the County of Renfrew Child Care Services Division has created over 50 Early Literacy Book Kits that are available on loan.