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Integration Services

Children holding handsIntegration Services provides support for children with special needs that are attending a licensed child care agency or approved recreation program. Children are referred to us by a parent/caregiver, daycare agency or professional working with children less than 12 years of age. Integration Services assist parents/caregivers with referrals to other agencies, and through the transition to school. There is an extensive lending library of books, toys, specialized items and other resources to support licensed day care agencies and parents in the development of children with special needs.

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Integration Services also provides funding to licensed daycare agencies for additional staff to work with special needs children to enhance support for the child and child care agency. County of Renfrew Child Care Integration Services’ goal is to ensure that every child will be able to attend a licensed child care agency in their community that offers inclusive and developmentally appropriate programs.

Please see the County of Renfrew Child Care Integration Services Parents' Guide to Services for further details on the Integration Services process

For more information on the Integration Services Process you can contact:

General Inquiries
Toll Free: 1-866-561-7679

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Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development

The first three months of a child's life are a time of wonder. Major developmental milestones at this age are centered on exploring the basic senses and learning more about the body and the environment.

Fine Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills refer to one's ability to grasp and utilize an object with their hands. This is important in almost all activities of life such as dressing, bathing, writing and cutting. Consequently fine motor skills are of the utmost importance in the classroom and throughout life.

Children develop fine motor skills step by step at an uneven pace, with periods of little progression which is normal. If however you feel your child may have a delay in his/her fine motor skills contact your Family Physician for more information regarding occupational therapy services.

Gross Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body that enable such functions as walking, kicking, sitting upright, lifting, and throwing a ball.

A person's gross motor skills depend on both muscle tone and strength. Gross Motor skills are important for major body movement such as walking, maintaining balance, coordination, jumping, and reaching.

Language & Literacy
Language and Literacy

Derived from Preschool Speech and Language Program, www.children.gov.on.ca

Social Skills
Social Skills

Social skills include skills such as sharing, taking turns and allowing others to talk without interrupting.

They also include aspects of self-control such as appropriate anger management and the ability to adapt to ongoing situations and social interactions.